Tantric massage - is a whole body experience and will take you on an erotic, sensual and spiritual journey. The massage is gentle and similar to Aromatherapy rather than the deep tissue type such as Sports Massage which is much harder.  


The goal of the massage is to rebalance your energies and relieve stress, help you embrace yourself and reconnect with your sexual feelings. It is also of course quite an erotic experience. 


There are three important things in Female Tantric massage that I need to outline beforehand. 


  1. I am normally naked for this massage but can leave my shorts on if requested. 

  2. You will be naked throughout with no draping. The whole body is massaged to arousal. 

  3. Yoni massage is part of the Tantric massage. This is massage of the vagina with the fingers and both the external & internal Yoni are massaged. 


This massage isn't for everyone so please be aware of what is involved before booking. 


This is the full description. 


Firstly I'll ask you what you hope to get from the massage and outline how the massage will unfold. 

Once the lights are low, the music softly playing and the room is heated you will then be slowly undressed with each part of your body gently stroked as it is uncovered. Breathing techniques, holding, rocking and a gentle hug enable us to connect and the ritual is designed to slow your heart rate and allow you to relax. 


The act of removing your clothes is symbolic. It is stripping away your stress, worries and life outside so that you exist just in the Tantric Space. 


Once undressed, you are invited to get comfortable on the massage table. You are slowly anointed with hot oil and through gentle, nurturing strokes, you will slowly become receptive to the pleasures of touch. 

The massage slowly builds up your sexual energies, through intimate massage of the whole body including the erogenous zones. You will be rubbed, massaged, squeezed, smoothed and stroked with a series of movements.  

This includes breasts, nipples, underarms,  inner thighs, bum (glutes) and of course the outer and inner area of the vagina or Yoni. 


Many clients will climb to an orgasmic plateau during this massage and whilst orgasm is not necessarily the goal, this often occurs.




There are 7 chakras that are situated down the centre of your upper body from your head to your sexual organs. 

Each of these chakras controls a range of feelings/emotions.


7 Crown chakra- wisdom, knowledge

6 Third eye chakra - spirituality, intuition

5 Throat chakra - communication, confidence

4 Heart chakra - love, relationships, friendships

3 Solar plexus chakra - energy, activity

2 Sacral chakra - emotions, creativity

1 Base chakra - primal instinct,survival, sexual energy


It is quite common with the stresses of modern life for one or more chakras to become blocked and leave you feeling out of sorts.


( Imagine each chakra is a spinning disc,  ideally they should all spin at the same rate in harmony with each other, sometimes they begin to spin out of sync and often can stop spinning altogether).


Tantric massage is designed to reset your bodies natural rhythm by rebalancing the energy flowing through the 7 chakras and get all these "discs" spinning at the same rate again  


The massage consists of 4 stages.


Stage 1 - Each of the 7 chakras is opened through a combination of breathing exercises and gentle yet firm touch. 

This relaxes you and gets you accustomed to the masseurs touch.  


Stage 2 - Oil is applied to your whole body and the energies are moved and pushed from the chakras around your body through gentle, sensual massage with the excess and unbalanced energy slowly brought together at the base (groin) chakra. It is at this point that you may start to become sexually aroused. 


Stage 3 is the Yoni massage. It is designed to release the excess energy. 

Raising you up with a bolster cushion under your hips if necessary  exposes the vagina ready for massage. Using specific tantric strokes on the sexual organs this energy is teased and coaxed out. 

The vagina is stroked, teased, massaged and gently stimulated with specific tantric strokes.

We start by pouring oil over the outer lips. . As the oil drips, the outer area is gently stimulated with the fingers. 


With the internal Yoni massage, the inner lips are teased, stroked and massaged gently. The g spot is also lightly pressed as we slowly engage the clitoris which is lightly stirred into arousal. 

(G spot and clitoral massage together can be very pleasurable). 


Some people have an intense orgasm, some heavily lubricate  and others find themselves in a blissful erotic state, everyone is different and there is no right or wrong way to release energy during this stage. 


Stage 3 is performed twice. Once as you lay face down and again face upwards. 


Stage 4 - Once the excess energy is released you will feel lighter and relaxed. You will then be gently wrapped in a sheet whilst your remaining energy is brought up to the crown through massage of the head, face and neck before being rebalanced throughout your body again using reiki and healing touch.

Each chakra will be balanced to match your bodies natural rhythm.   


The whole experience will leave you refreshed, invigorated and blissfully relaxed.


I am a professional Tantric masseur. You will be in safe, experienced hands and at any point in the massage you can ask me to stop if you feel at all uncomfortable. 


Some people like to reach out and stroke or touch me during the massage. This is absolutely fine as often shared touch can heighten the eroticism but any contact is hands only. I don't offer sex. 


My massage room is a safe, private, discreet and respectful space where you will be welcomed and treated to a beautiful experience. 


I can also come to your home or hotel if you are more comfortable but I am only available for outcalls on Tuesdays and Saturdays. 


I see ladies of all ages from all walks of life and have a core of regular clients who return again and again. 


First time nerves are quite normal and I will allow ample time for discussion, the massage experience and redressing. You won't be rushed and your wishes and boundaries will be fully respected. 


Gold Tantric massage for Women

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