Tantric massage for Ladies    Available in  two different styles                               Erotic massage to fire up the senses

For too long we have been stifled by Victorian attitudes with regards to our sensual and sexual appetites. 

At long last, behavioural experts and psychologists agree that sexual arousal is an entirely natural hormonal reaction and not just a mechanism for reproduction. 

Satisfying your sexual needs releases oxytocin, the feel good hormone and releases endorphins that promote strong feelings of calmness, wellbeing and relaxation. 

90 minutes                                                 £90

AROUSE TANTRIC MASSAGE - is a whole body experience designed to take you on a journey of arousal.


The goal of the massage is to rebalance your energies, de-stress, refocus and allow you to just ‘be’. 


The energy system - 

 There are 7 chakras that are situated down the centre of your upper body from your head to your sexual organs. 

Each of these chakras controls a range of feelings/emotions.


7 Crown chakra- wisdom, knowledge

6 Third eye chakra - spirituality, intuition

5 Throat chakra - communication, confidence

4 Heart chakra - love, relationships, friendships

3 Solar plexus chakra - energy, activity

2 Sacral chakra - emotions, creativity

1 Base chakra - primal instinct,survival, sexual energy


It is quite common with the stresses of modern life for one or more chakras to become blocked and leave you feeling out of sorts.


( Imagine each chakra is a spinning disc,  ideally they should all spin at the same rate in harmony with each other, sometimes they begin to spin out of sync and often can stop spinning altogether).


Tantric Arouse massage is designed to reset your bodies natural rhythm by rebalancing the energy flowing through the 7 chakras and get all these "discs" spinning at the same rate again  


The massage consists of 5 stages.


Stage 1 - You are left alone to undress and then invited to lay face down and get comfortable on the massage table. 

Hot oil is slowly poured onto you and the massage starts with a combination of gentle yet firm touch. 


Stage 2 - The massage moves from relaxing to sensual. Slowly engaging the lightest touch, the sexual energies are awakened. 

Note: the whole body is massaged, including  all erogenous zones  and genitals with the excess and unbalanced energy slowly being brought together at the base (groin) chakra. It is at this point that you may start to become sexually aroused. 


 Stage 3 -  is designed to release the excess energy. Using specific tantric strokes on the sexual organs this energy is teased and coaxed out. 


Kneeling between your legs where possible, oil is gently dripped onto  the genitals which are stroked with the fingertips.


The Vagina is teased, massaged and stroked with both clitoral and g spot stimulation using the fingers and thumb.


Some people have an intense orgasm, others find themselves in a blissful erotic state, everyone is different and there is no right or wrong way to release energy during this stage. 


If you don’t wish to or cannot orgasm then it’s perfectly fine to harness the energy and take it away from the session with you. 


Stage 4 - Once the excess energy is released or retained you will feel lighter and relaxed. You will then be gently wrapped in a sheet whilst your remaining energy is rebalanced throughout your body again using reiki and hands on touch.


Stage 5 - If there is time, you can enjoy a relaxing foot massage to close. A nice calm way to end the session. 


The whole experience will leave you refreshed, invigorated and blissfully relaxed. The ideal stress buster! 


100 minutes                                                 £100

 IGNITE TANTRIC MASSAGE - the ultimate in erotic touch.


Due to the advanced positions and flexibility needed in this massage, it is only available to clients under the age of 69 weighing less than 16 stones.

An exploration of erogenous zones, sensual excitement and sexual bliss. 

From the slow , deliberate and arousing undressing ritual, this massage is erotic from the start. 

The masseur and client will both be completely naked for this massage.

Performed with you blindfolded, this element increases your perception of touch to new levels.

Using the hands, thighs, arms, legs and body weight, you are treated to the ultimate in erotic naturist massage as I move around the table using techniques designed to tease, excite and ignite your senses.

You will be guided to touch and hold onto me at various points to facilitate the more sensuous moves and you are welcome to touch.

This massage may involve moving you into various positions such as face down, all fours, face up and spread eagled so you must be fit and flexible enough to allow me to take control.

Full sexual arousal is included and you are teased and edged several times before being allowed to orgasm. 

I will massage your G spot and clitoris and also your A spot, the area that controls female ejaculation so you may squirt!

If you wish, you can orgasm more than once. Please tell me before we start otherwise I will edge you until I allow you to orgasm.

Please do let me know if  it takes you longer than normal to climax.

All ladies are different so feel free to vocalise what you want during the session whether this be faster, slower, harder, softer touch etc.

This massage isn't for the shy or inhibited. You must be prepared to enjoy yourself, throw caution to the wind and abandon your control. 

Once you are satisfied and ready to relax, you are gently wrapped in a sheet, given some gentle hands on Reiki and treated to either a head massage or foot massage.


I can adapt this massage to suit your preferences as no two stimulation techniques are ever the same. The more I know, the better placed I am to fulfil your needs.