My signature tantric massage!

MALE TANTRIC MASSAGE - is a whole body experience and will take you on a journey.


The goal of the massage is to rebalance your energies, de-stress, refocus and allow you to just ‘be’. 


For far too long we have been stifled by Victorian attitudes with regards to our sensual and sexual appetites.


Finally we have behavioural experts and psychologists agreeing that sexual arousal is an entirely natural hormonal reaction and not just a mechanism for reproduction. 


Satisfying your sensual needs releases oxytocin, the feel good hormone and releases endorphins which promote strong feelings of wellbeing, calmness and relaxation. 


Tantric massage is a perfect way to indulge your desires in a safe, professional and respectful way. 


The energy system - 

 There are 7 chakras that are situated down the centre of your upper body from your head to your sexual organs. 

Each of these chakras controls a range of feelings/emotions.


7 Crown chakra- wisdom, knowledge

6 Third eye chakra - spirituality, intuition

5 Throat chakra - communication, confidence

4 Heart chakra - love, relationships, friendships

3 Solar plexus chakra - energy, activity

2 Sacral chakra - emotions, creativity

1 Base chakra - primal instinct,survival, sexual energy


It is quite common with the stresses of modern life for one or more chakras to become blocked and leave you feeling out of sorts.


( Imagine each chakra is a spinning disc,  ideally they should all spin at the same rate in harmony with each other, sometimes they begin to spin out of sync and often can stop spinning altogether).


Tantric massage is designed to reset your bodies natural rhythm by rebalancing the energy flowing through the 7 chakras and get all these "discs" spinning at the same rate again  


The Tantric massage consists of 6 stages.


Stage 1 - Starting with the masseur naked,  you are slowly undressed with each part of your body gently stroked as it is uncovered. Breathing techniques, holding, rocking and a gentle yet powerful naked hug enable us to connect and the ritual is designed to slow your heart rate and allow you to relax. 


Stage 2 - You are then invited to lay face down and get comfortable on the massage table. 

Hot oil is slowly poured onto you and the massage starts with a combination of gentle yet firm touch. 


Stage 3 - The massage moves from relaxing to sensual. Slowly engaging the lightest touch, the sexual energies are awakened. 

Note: the whole body is massaged, including the ass, balls, external prostate and all erogenous zones with the excess and unbalanced energy slowly being brought together at the base (groin) chakra. It is at this point that you may start to become sexually aroused. 


 Stage 4 -  is designed to release the excess energy. Using specific tantric strokes on the sexual organs this energy is teased and coaxed out. 


Kneeling between your legs where possible, oil is gently dripped onto the cock and balls which are stroked with the fingertips. The shaft of the cock is covered in oil and rubbed gently. Once the cock is hard it is gently smoothed, palmed and 'juiced' using up to 26 different strokes which are designed to stimulate and stiffen the cock to maximum hardness. 


Some people have an intense orgasm, others find themselves in a blissful erotic state, everyone is different and there is no right or wrong way to release energy during this stage. 


If you don’t wish to or cannot orgasm then it’s perfectly fine to harness the energy and take it away from the session with you. 


Stage 5 - Once the excess energy is released or retained you will feel lighter and relaxed. You will then be gently wrapped in a sheet whilst your remaining energy is rebalanced throughout your body again using reiki and hands on touch.


Stage 6 - you have a choice of either a head, face & neck massage or a relaxing foot massage to close. A nice calm way to end the session. 


The whole experience will leave you refreshed, invigorated and blissfully relaxed. The ideal stress buster! 


Many clients experience a range of emotions during the massage and it’s important to let the body respond and let your mind take a backseat. 


You can book via e mail, text, what's app or direct through the website. 

Text & what's app are the quickest way to reach me for same day appointments. 


Please note that the upper age limit for this massage is 65 and the maximum weight limit is 17 stones for my massage couch. 

Gold Tantric Naturist Massage for Men

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