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21st to 30th June 

All bookings will be with the covering masseur whist I take annual leave. 

You can only book online for these slots.

Click below and choose "Covering Masseur" to see his availability.



I am a Male massage therapist with thousands of hours of experience and I am fully trained in multiple therapies.

Whether you are just looking for a standard back massage to release stress and tension or a full sensual touch body massage, I have a range of techniques available.

Every massage is unique, tell me what you hope to get from the experience and I will tailor your massage to suit.

I offer non sensual and sensual massages so you can decide what is right for you.


It really doesn't matter if you are Male, Female, straight, bi, gay, married, single, what your religion is or what race you are.


I see people from all walks of life who are looking to relax and explore the world of sensual touch and your confidentiality and discretion is guaranteed. 

The Masseur

I'm a trained and experienced masseur specialising in therapeutic & sensual touch massage. 

I am a white English guy,  in decent shape with an athletic build, well travelled, educated, easy to chat to and passionate about the power of touch.


I offer non-sensual and sensual massages and am always happy to see new clients, especially nervous first timers. 

With over 8000 hours of massage experience, the techniques I use are a unique blend of training, experience and intuitive touch.

There are lots of people out there offering massage, but what I offer is a unique blend of professional yet sensual massage, discreet escapism and the opportunity to explore curiosity and sensual touch in a safe, clean and respectful space.

I have a dedicated therapy room and use hot oils, mood lighting, fragrance and fresh towels and linen to create a warm, relaxing environment.​​


Sensual Massage 

A full body, hot oil massage designed to relax and excite.

The room will be warm, the lights low and the couch draped in fresh linen and freshly laundered towels for your comfort.

Hot oil is applied to the whole body and we being with a medium pressure back massage to help you relax and become accustomed to my touch.

Designed to relax and arouse, this massage is based on thousands of hours of experience, blending different styles form around the world.

Naked, decadent and perhaps a little naughty, this is a liberating experience where you are simply the passive participant as we build up to a crescendo or arousal and release.

The whole experience will leave you invigorated and relaxed.

Available as a 30 / 60 / 75 or 90 minute treatment. 

Mutual touch is fine if you wish to reach out and touch me, but any contact between us is hands only.

Clear boundaries are important.

I understand many clients experience first time nerves and it is quite a brave step to place yourself in the hands of a stranger, but I assure you that you will be respected and any boundaries you have will not be crossed.

If you are looking for a more erotic massage, then please see the Ignite Tantric section.


Tantric Ignite Massage 

The Ultimate Blindfolded erotic experience.

An exploration of erogenous zones, sensual excitement and orgasmic bliss.

Starting with a slow, deliberate, erotic undressing ritual, your body is lightly stroked and touched everywhere.


As you are blindfolded, this increases your sense of touch and the slightest stroke or body contact can literally send shivers up your spine!


Using hands, arms, thighs and body weight, you are treated to the most sensuous massage strokes that tease as I move around the massage couch, exciting and igniting your senses.


You will feel my body close to yours and you will be guided to touch and hold me at various points to facilitate some of the moves.


This massage does involve me placing you into certain positions so you must be fit and flexible enough to allow me to take control.


Full sexual arousal is included and you may be teased and edged several times before being allowed to orgasm.


If you wish, you may orgasm more than once.


This massage isn't for the shy or inhibited.


Once you have reached a satisfactory release we reduce the tempo.

You are gently covered in a light sheet, given some gentle hands on Reiki and we close with ether a head or foot massage.

Available as a 100 minute massage. 



Men can enjoy a prostate massage as part of this experience. Please do say if you wish to experience this. 




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