Personal care services are unable to open due to Tier 4 restrictions. 

I will reopen as soon as it is safe and legal to do so. 

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Only limited services at this time are available.

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NakedSpirit is a unique way to explore sensual touch through massage in a safe, clean and respectful space. 

In the UK, massage still has a reputation for being perhaps a little seedy, very much a 'nudge nudge wink wink' kind of service.

The lines between escorting and massage are often blurred with many sexual escorts using 'massage' to promote their services which is perfectly fine if you are looking for that. 

However, times are changing and we are beginning to understand the breadth , depth and importance of a healthy sex life. 

Science, psychologists and behavioural experts are finally agreeing that the desire for sexual arousal as a behaviour goes far beyond the basic need for reproduction and physical gratification. 

Research is now proving that sexual arousal is a natural hormonal reaction that serves to enable us to find wellbeing, peace and inner calm through the joy of intimacy and orgasm. 


At NakedSpirit, you will find a dedicated massage studio, professional massage couch, soft lighting, soothing music, top quality oils and an experience that takes you to another level.

I'm not a sexual escort, I'm a trained sensual massage therapist. I offer a full body massage in its truest form. 


Massage has a host of health benefits. It aids relaxation, reduces stress, relaxes and soothes tired muscles, promotes healthy blood flow and helps release toxins from the lymphatic system. 

It is also extremely pleasurable, a fact overlooked by most mainstream therapies. 

If you have ever had a massage in a spa or hotel then you will have had your genital area draped or even been asked to leave your underwear on.

Yes, it is a sad fact that most massages never touch the areas we get the most pleasure from!

At NakedSpirit I treat the body as a whole. Everything is included, nothing is excluded. The pleasurable sensations that we derive from sensual touch are positively harnessed, taking you on a journey of pleasurable sensation.


Touch is just one of the five senses, but perhaps the one that connects with our emotions and feelings the most.

Intimacy and sensual touch are an important part of our physical wellbeing and to be touched all over feels both natural and powerful. 

To be held, touched, massaged and released from your daily stresses at the hands of a man is exciting, liberating and allows you some private time to just be. 





It really doesn't matter if you are straight, bi, gay, married, single, what your religion is or what race you are. I see people from all walks of life who are looking to relax and explore the world of sensual touch. 

I see Men, Women and couples and your confidentiality and discretion is guaranteed. 

Whether you are just looking for a standard back massage to release stress and tension or a full sensual touch body massage,

I have a range of techniques available.

Every massage is unique, tell me what you hope to get from the experience and I will tailor your massage to suit.

I offer non sensual and sensual massages so you can decide on what is right for you.


Please read the ETIQUETTE page before booking.

If you want an appointment in the next hour, please send a text or call me and I will respond ASAP. If you wish to book for later today or tomorrow onwards then you can also book online. Just click the yellow button at the top of the page and you will be able to see which appointments are free on days to suit you. 

My diary changes constantly so it's always worth sending me a text or email if you want to be informed of the next available appointment.


Back to UNI...

18 to 25?  Special rates available

Aged 18 to 25? ...  Then I offer a 1 hour massage of your choice for £30

or a full 100 min Tantric massage for £50

Please note you must be 18yrs or over to book a massage with NakedSpirit but you don't need to be a student to benefit from the 18 to 25 discount.

I can be reached by train from Coventry / Leicester / Birmingham but this does include a 15 minute walk from the station.


I'm a trained and experienced masseur specialising in therapeutic & sensual touch massage. 

I am a white English guy, mid forties, in decent shape with an athletic build, well travelled, educated, easy to chat to and passionate about the power of touch.


I offer non-sensual and sensual massages and am always happy to see new clients, especially nervous first timers. 

With over 4000 hours of massage experience, the techniques I use are a unique blend of training, experience and intuitive touch.

There are lots of people out there offering massage, but what I offer is a unique blend of professional yet sensual massage, discreet escapism and the opportunity to explore curiosity and sensual touch in a safe, clean and respectful space.

I have a dedicated therapy room and use hot oils, mood lighting, fragrance and fresh towels and linen to create a warm, relaxing environment.


Quite simply it is the discovery of love and connection.... within ourselves, to others and to the cosmic energy in the universe. It is the peacefulness that comes with finding who you are, what you want and following your own path.

Tantric Massage is designed to open up your heart, awaken your senses and balance the energies within us so that we can attain a higher sense of ecstasy and a feeling of peace.

Allowing yourself the time and space to connect with your sexual energy by enjoying a stimulating massage that nourishes mind, body and soul, can quite literally leave you floating on air. 

Relax as you are drenched in hot oil, massaged from head to foot, (and everything in between), with a symphony of massage strokes ranging from the lightest touch to deliciously firm strokes. A dance of the hands on your body.

Free your mind, free your senses and submit to expert hands that will take you on a journey of erotic touch.


Contact: 07563 822908

 Normal Opening  Hours

Monday:              10:00am - 7:00pm

Tuesday:              10:00am - 8:00pm

Wednesday:        10:00am - 8:00pm

Thursday:            10:00am - 8:00pm


Friday:                  10:00am - 6:00pm


Saturday:             10:00am - 9:00pm


Sundays:          Text for availability



I accept cash, all major credit & debit cards,

Apple Pay and Paypal.


​Between Nuneaton & Coventry -

5 mins from J3 M6


NEC / Birmingham Airport - 20 mins


M1 junction 19 - 20 mins


Birmingham 35 Mins


Leicester 40 mins


M6 Corley services 8 mins

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