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The benefits of Touch

NakedSpirit is a unique way to explore sensual touch through massage in a safe, clean and respectful space. 

In the UK, massage still has a reputation for being perhaps a little seedy, very much a 'nudge nudge wink wink' kind of service.


The lines between escorting and massage are often blurred with many sexual escorts using 'massage' to promote their services which is perfectly fine if you are looking for that. 

However, times are changing and we are beginning to understand the breadth , depth and importance of a healthy sex life. 

Science, psychologists and behavioural experts are finally agreeing that the desire for sexual arousal as a behaviour goes far beyond the basic need for reproduction and physical gratification. 

Research is now proving that sexual arousal is a natural hormonal reaction that serves to enable us to find wellbeing, peace and inner calm through the joy of intimacy and orgasm. 


At NakedSpirit, you will find a dedicated massage studio, professional massage couch, soft lighting, soothing music, top quality oils and an experience that takes you to another level.


Massage has a host of health benefits. It aids relaxation, reduces stress, relaxes and soothes tired muscles, promotes healthy blood flow and helps release toxins from the lymphatic system. 

I treat the body as a whole. Everything is included, nothing is excluded. The pleasurable sensations that we derive from sensual touch are positively harnessed, taking you on a journey of pleasurable sensation.​​


For centuries and across multiple cultures, massage was a common way to heal and connect with people.

From the Aztecs, to the Egyptians and ancient cultures of the East, massage was a recognised healing therapy.

The Ottoman Empire incorporated massage into their bathing rituals and it is still commonplace across Turkey & some more liberal Arab nations to find massage options available in the old Hammams.

The Romans brought about a change in attitudes to massage.

With their hedonistic baths and open sexual culture, massage became much more sexualised. 

That isn't to say it wasn't sexualised in other cultures, but it was, and still is in some Countries,  a 'behind closed doors' experience. 

The Romans with their infamous orgies and open attitudes to sex brought massage to the West.

In the United Kingdom, whilst Edwardian and Regency attitudes were much more open, the  Victorians were the opposite and attempted to drive out this openness, sending pleasures of the flesh, very much underground.


This legacy is still felt in some circles, however, since the 90s, we have had a much more liberal attitude to sexual attitudes in the UK.


Take a look at my menu options. 

Whether you are completely new to sensual massage or have experience of this, I will be happy to discuss how a session might benefit you.

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