I am really nervous as I've never done this before.

Deciding to have a naked massage with a man is often something you have thought about for quite a while before plucking up the courage. Everyone has a 'first time' and it is quite natural to feel nervous or apprehensive. 

Touch is a basic human craving, it is perfectly natural to want to be stroked, massaged and touched and having a man do this adds a whole new dimension. All I ask is that if you do book an appointment and change your mind, you inform me at least 2 hours beforehand. 


I'm straight or just a bit curious, does that matter?

Sexuality is never black & white. How you identify your sexuality is your business.

My clients vary enormously, married men, single men, gay, bi, straight, curious etc. Each person is unique and everyone has their own reasons for wanting a massage. I won't pry and your visit to me will be discreet and remain confidential. 


I am happy to talk through any questions you may have beforehand either by email or in person when you arrive. I understand that a lot of guys can be nervous and I will happily adapt the massage to suit. Each massage is unique. As a masseur I am very intuitive and closely watch for your responses and adapt the massage so that you gain maximum pleasure from it. 


I'm a female looking for more than just a spa massage?

Spa massages are often clinical, routine and the therapist is often disconnected. 

A full body naturist massage whether it be purely therapeutic or sensual / tantric, allows you to embrace nakedness. It allows my hands to glide effortlessly up and down your body without the hindrance of draping or underwear. 

Adding a sensual element makes it exciting, naughty and gives you the ability to fully surrender and relax at the hands of a professional masseur who doesn't rush you, takes time to to allow your body to adjust and makes your pleasure his only priority.

Your boundaries are agreed beforehand and always respected. 

What ages of people do you massage?

The majority of my clients are between 20 and 55 but I massage anyone between 18 and 68.

You must be 18 years or older to book a massage. If you look younger than this, please bring along some photographic ID.

Due to the intense nature of my sensual and tantric massages, the upper age limit is 68.

Do I need to be physically in shape?

Obviously you need to have no ailments or contra-indications that prohibit massage. 

Few people have the body they desire but ideally you need to be height / weight proportionate, a few extra pounds are fine but my massage table has a safe working weight of 18 stones. If you are excessively overweight then I cannot accommodate you.

 Please see the Vital Info page for full details.

I don't want to show my number or e mail address.

I understand your need for privacy, however, due to time wasters I no longer answer witheld numbers. 

Obviously if you do contact me via e mail / text I can respond usually within an hour. If you do want to speak to me directly, then you may have to try several times to get hold of me as I cannot answer when I'm with a client.

I will never send you unsolicited calls, texts or e mails. I will only respond if you initiate a conversation or I need to contact you to cancel your appointment. I will always be discreet in any communication.


I'm afraid I will get aroused and feel embarrassed.

Getting an erection or sexually aroused is an entirely natural response to physical or mental stimulation. As a man, I know this can happen without warning and sometimes in the oddest situations!

Quite often, a massage can be spoiled as you are concentrating so much on not getting an erection that you don't enjoy the actual massage. 

With all my massages, erections are not an issue. The Sensual & Tantric massages are intensely stimulating experiences, sexual arousal during these massages is quite normal and absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about. 


Am I allowed to touch you? Will we have sex?

Having a naturist massage does mean that close body contact will occur.  If you wish to touch me that's fine as this can often help guys who are exploring their sexuality, however, whilst touch with the hands is acceptable, I do not offer or allow oral sex. I am a massage therapist specialising in sensual massage, I do not cross the ethical line. If you are looking for oral sex I suggest you look for an Escort not a masseur. 


Do you just massage men?

No, I massage ladies too and ask you contact me directly to discuss your needs. I understand that visiting a male masseur who specialises in sensual massage isn't for everyone but I believe strongly that sensual touch should be available to everyone that seeks it, regardless of sexuality or gender. However, I must stress that I will not book your wife in as a surprise or birthday treat. Ladies must book their massage themselves so that we can discuss needs & expectations etc.


Is your therapy room private?

I work from home and live in a quiet residential area with ample free parking. Your confidentiality is guaranteed.

You must have the best job in the world?

I do love my job, however, the hours are long, I don't get paid if I don't work and my laundry bill is huge! But I meet the most interesting people from all walks of life who I wouldn't normally come into contact with. 

Is there anything you don't like?

People who swerve soap and water. I would never present myself for a massage without being freshly showered. Quite simply, the cleaner you are, the better massage you will receive.

Have you ever refused to massage someone?

Yes! But only because they clearly haven't washed in days, are over my age or weight limit, or have a health condition that forbids massage.

Do you ever get sexual advances? 

It happens yes, though usually by text or email on Friday and Saturday nights when the pubs are closing! 

I am quite clear on my website that I am a sensual masseur not a male escort. 

Do you ever have people who just don't turn up?

Unfortunately yes, it does occasionally happen. I get frustrated by this as it takes up a space in my diary that another client could have had. I lose a booking and consequently lose my earnings. 

Anyone who doesn't show up is blocked from rebooking or asked for a deposit to book again. It's bad manners, I appreciate plans change but it takes just a few seconds to let me know you can't make it.

Why don't you answer your phone when I call?

The only reasons I don't answer are because I am with a client already and perhaps can't speak freely or you call outside my working hours.

The best way to get hold of me is a text, WhatsApp message or e mail. I will respond electronically as soon as I am free but will not call you back unless you leave a voicemail asking me to do so.

Curious and questioning men.

If you fall into this category, then you are in good company. Around 80% of my sensual & tantric massage clients are straight or privately identify as bisexual and are often married. To have a curiosity about other men is very common indeed. 

Often guys who are curious think they are unique, but believe me, you are not alone. 


Having a sensual or tantric massage with another man is the one step you can allow yourself to take. To share intimacy, safely, respectfully and without you feeling guilty afterwards.

I also appreciate what a huge step this is for some guys. Here are some comments from some of my clients who identify as curious:

"I have longed for male touch for many years but never been brave enough to do anything about it"

"I just want a massage where I can relax and not worry about how my body responds to touch"

"I guess I've always been Bisexual but have always tried to suppress it"

"I'm just curious, I'm not interested in guys but I'm fascinated by a cock"

"I just want to try everything, I don't know what I am yet, I'm still discovering"

Some of you may have viewed my website many times, always hesitating over the "book now" button. Others may have trawled through the small ads looking for a massage but not having the courage to call. Some even book a massage and then bottle out at the last minute. (Not recommended by the way as it takes me time and effort to prepare for your arrival)

Questions run through your mind. What will it be like? What will he do to me? Will I regret it afterwards? Will it get back to my wife or girlfriend? Is it worth the money? Is it seedy and unclean? Am I wrong for wanting this?

Let me assure you that it is SO normal to want to experience this exchange of energy and experience with another man. It's ok to crave the touch of another man and by choosing me, you have found a masseur that cares about his clients. 

I will fully respect your privacy and understand that you don't want any calls, texts or emails after our appointment. 

I'll understand how nervous you will feel coming to my home for the first time and I'll do everything I can to make you feel comfortable and safe here.

There is no judgement. You are a fellow human being who wishes to share something quite natural and wonderful. 

You only live once!


Contact: 07563 822908 


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