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Frequently asked questions

I'm really nervous about booking. I am straight or perhaps just curious...

It is quite natural to feel nervous. Often this is something you have thought about for a while before plucking up courage. Everyone has a "first time" so you can take comfort in that all my other clients have felt the same at some point.

Sexuality is never black and white. It's a wide spectrum and we all may wonder about things we haven't tried.

It really doesn't matter if you are straight, gay, bi, curious, pansexual or undecided. 

You will be treated as a fellow human being and I am happy to discuss any questions or concerns you may have prior to your massage.

I am a female looking for more than a boring spa massage...

Spa Massages are often clinical, routine and overpriced. The therapists are not allowed to deviate from a set routine so the whole experience feels disconnected and cold. 

With a sensual massage I adapt the massage to your needs. You can embrace the liberating feeling of being naked in front of another man and the element of naughtiness that brings. 

Your boundaries are always respected and these are agreed beforehand. 

Your pleasure is my priority.

Do I need to be young and in shape for a sensual massage?

I massage clients from 18 to 68. 

You don't need to be in shape but you do need to be in proportion. Not everyone has the body they desire and a few extra pounds is fine. BMI is a good indicator of a healthy weight.

If you are obese then you won't feel any massage benefit as I cannot reach all the muscle groups.

My table has a maximum load bearing weight of 17 stones. If you are heavier than this then I'm afraid I won't be able to massage you.

Obviously you need to have no health issues or contra indications that prohibit massage. 

Please ask your GP if you have any doubts. 

You must disclose any health issues when you book the appointment. 

I do reserve the right not to offer you massage.

I am afraid I will feel embarrassed if I get aroused...

Arousal is a natural reaction. With a sensual or tantric massage the intention is to arouse and that will mean you get an erection or start to lubricate. 

Unlike a standard massage where you may fight off those feelings, you should embrace it. Allow yourself the pleasure of enjoyment. 

These massages are designed to stimulate. The body is treated as a whole. Nothing is excluded. 

Can I touch you? 

Having any form of naturist sensual massage will involve close contact.

I am more than happy to be touched. Quite often to reach out and touch the masseur can add to the eroticism of the massage.

However, I am a professional tantric masseur, not an escort so whilst you are free to touch me, I only allow you to use your hands. 

I am concerned about privacy and discretion...

I work from a quiet and discreet location. I never share your contact details or appointment information. 

I will never contact you or send marketing information. 

I see people from all walks of life and our conversations will always remain 100% discreet and private.

If I see you anywhere else, I will not acknowledge you unless you say hello. 

I understand that many clients are married or have sexual curiosity and your personal and private life is entirely your business. 

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