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Upcoming Events

Workshops are back.

Due to the erotic nature of the group workshops, it’s important that these take place in adult licensed premises. 


The location for these is a private room at Xtasia, a popular adult lifestyle club in West Bromwich. 


We will use the room only when the club is closed so you won’t bump into anyone else. 


I run 2 workshops. 

Men only Workshops: These are popular with curious & bisexual / gay guys who want to massage like minded men. 


Couples workshops: Popular with couples looking to explore a more liberated approach to their sex lives.


(Single males are not permitted at the couples / female workshops)


The workshops last for around 3.5 hours. 

2.5 hours of learning and an optional 60 mins of freestyle / play. 


I will demonstrate a massage on massage models and you simply follow my guidance.

It’s quite unstructured & fun. 

You pair up with either your own partner or another participant and work as a duo. 

You’ll both give and receive a massage. 


You will learn a basic body massage & arousal techniques so expect erections and orgasms! 


Free time is allowed at the end of the session to swap partners, work as a group or continue with your partner. 


You are of course, free to leave if you wish. 


The freestyle / play sessions can get a little saucy….

A room full of naked, oily people can be great fun. But everything must be consensual and No always means No. 


Maximum 12 participants per workshop. 

Tickets for these are sold in advance. 

There are no refunds unless I need to cancel or change the date. 



Single person workshop tickets are £55 each 

Couples pay £100 per couple. 


Once dates are announced, you will be able to book tickets here.


(Please note that each workshop needs a minimum of 6 participants. If a workshop doesn’t reach the required number, it will be cancelled and you will receive a full refund.)

Workshops are managed carefully.It is important that guests feel comfortable working with each other and ages are balanced. 


Therefore the Men's workshops will be either guys who are 20 to 49yrs or more mature Men who are 35 to 65yrs. 


What I don't want is for someone to book and then find they feel too old or too young for the group dynamic. 


Splitting the age groups is fairer and more inclusive.


All guests must be height and weight proportionate. The maximum table weight of an individual is 16 stones as the tables we use are not mine and not heavy duty.

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