Health & Hygiene


As I work in an enclosed space, face masks must be worn by both client & therapist for the duration of your appointment and only removed once you have left the premises.


In the interests of being responsible and in line with Government guidance I now require all clients to have and show proof of either:

Both Vaccines - NHS Card or App must be shown on arrival

or have taken a Lateral Flow Test within 24 hours with a negative result, (proof email from NHS Covid App or similar required)

You can pick up Lateral Flow Tests at most pharmacies or

You MUST be able to show one or the other on arrival.


Whilst I always uphold exemplary standards of hygiene, the current pandemic does mean tight safety protocols need to be followed in order to keep us as safe as possible.


  • If you or a member of your household or contacts has recently travelled abroad then you must have followed all quarantine and testing criteria before booking.

  • If you, or a member of your household is self isolating, or you have been advised to self isolate, please DO NOT BOOK.

  • If you live in an area with local restrictions, or high COVID case rate, DO NOT BOOK an appointment. 

  • If you have a temperature or are suffering from a cough, cold, high temperature or a loss of taste and / or smell then DO NOT BOOK and Dial 111 for advice.


  • If you are in at at risk group, shielding or suffer from extreme Asthma, COPD, emphysema or any other condition that causes you to breathe more heavily or sneeze etc, then DO NOT book an appointment. 

  • If you have booked and your circumstances change, then please cancel your appointment as soon as possible. 

On arrival

  • You must be wearing your own mask or face covering on arrival. 

  • You will be asked for your Vaccination card or NHS Covid Vaccination status on your App.

  • Or, your recent LFT email showing a negative result. 

  • Your temperature will be taken on arrival. If this is higher than normal and flags up AMBER or RED then I will be unable to admit you for massage.

  • You will be given hand sanitiser at the door and then shown immediately to the bathroom.

  • You must wash your hands thoroughly, dry them using the paper towels, then if appropriate, swap your own face mask for the 3 ply one  that I will provide.

  • I will wear a mask for the duration of your visit.  

  • At no point must you remove your mask. IT NEEDS TO COVER THE MOUTH AND NOSE at all times.

  • After your massage you will return to the bathroom to redress. You must leave your used towel in the laundry bin. 

  • Do not remove your 3 ply mask until you have left the premises. 


All surfaces and bottles will be sanitised before and after each client, this includes all contact surfaces such as door handles etc.

All linens and towels will be washed at 60 degrees and I have 5 sets to ensure rotation.


Please avoid touching any unnecessary surfaces. 


Conversation is to be kept to a minimum so please discuss your massage needs with me via telephone, text or email prior to your arrival. 


Contactless card payment is available up to £45.


Contactless Apple pay / Google Pay via is available with no upper limit.


Cash is fine but please have the right money available. 


I reserve the right to refuse to offer you a treatment or end a treatment at any point if I am concerned about safety. 


I will do my utmost to ensure you enjoy your massage as much as you normally would, whilst keeping us both as safe as possible.


  • Travel packs of wet wipes are your friend and mine!

  • Ideally you should shower before your appointment but I realise this isn't always possible. If you are coming from work then please let me know so that I can prepare the bathroom for you. I will supply hot water, a sink, soap, a fresh wash cloth and a fresh towel for you to thoroughly wash. As your therapist, I will be very grateful and you will get a much better massage. 

  • Sweat from the day isn't necessary the problem, the problem is usually a bit lower...Prior to your arrival if you have used the toilet since you showered, the most considerate thing you can do is use a wet wipe to give yourself a once over "down below" and especially "behind". It really does make a difference.

  • If you aren't clean then I will refuse to massage you.  Squeaky clean or you won’t be seen! 

  • Colds, flu & infection: If you are ill then please don’t share your germs. I use Antibacterial spray to keep my couch and room safe and germ free. I can’t afford to take time off due to illness.  


  • Please ensure you have no rashes, skin conditions, cuts or lesions etc or other communicable issues including colds / flu.

  • If you have any health conditions that prohibit massage such as High or Low blood pressure, recent surgery, blood clotting issues etc. Please seek your GPs advice first. You must disclose any issues before booking. 

  • The upper age limit for sensual and Tantric Arouse massages is 68yrs unless you are actively fit and in good shape.

  • The upper age limit for Tantric Ignite massages is 59 years and you must be fit and flexible and weigh less than 15 stones.

  • My massage couch has a maximum weight limit of 16 stones maximum. This ensures your and my safety. 

  • BMI is the best indicator of a healthy weight. I am happy to see clients with a BMI measurement of no more than 30%.