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Health & Hygiene

Personal hygiene

  • Travel packs of wet wipes are your friend and mine!

  • Ideally you should shower before your appointment but I realise this isn't always possible. If you are coming from work then please let me know so that I can prepare the bathroom for you. I will supply hot water, a sink, soap, a fresh wash cloth and a fresh towel for you to thoroughly wash. As your therapist, I will be very grateful and you will get a much better massage. 

  • Sweat from the day isn't necessary the problem, the problem is usually a bit lower...Prior to your arrival if you have used the toilet since you showered, the most considerate thing you can do is use a wet wipe to give yourself a once over "down below" and especially "behind". It really does make a difference.

  • Please use deodorant after you shower. A quick squirt of Lynx over sweaty parts won't cut it guys!

  • If you aren't clean then I will refuse to massage you.  Squeaky clean or you won’t be seen! 

  • Colds, flu & infection: If you are ill then please don’t share your germs. I use Antibacterial spray to keep my couch and room safe and germ free. I can’t afford to take time off due to illness. 


  • Please ensure you have no rashes, skin conditions, cuts or lesions etc or other communicable issues including colds / flu.

  • If you have any health conditions that prohibit massage such as High or Low blood pressure, recent surgery, blood clotting issues etc. Please seek your GPs advice first. You must disclose any issues before booking. 

  • The upper age limit for sensual massages is 69yrs unless you are actively fit and in good shape.

  • The upper age limit for Tantric Ignite massages is 69 years and you must be fit and flexible and weigh less than 17  stones.

  • My massage couch has a maximum weight limit of 17 stones maximum. This ensures your and my safety.

  • If you are over 6ft  tall and weigh more because you are proportionately heavier due to height, then please contact me. 

  • BMI is the best indicator of a healthy weight. I am happy to see clients with a BMI measurement of no more than 30%. 


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