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  The EDGE  for Females                    Focussed edging massage on the genitals & breasts only.



Edging in its simplest form is focussed massage of the Vagina / Clitoris / both externally and internally to almost the point of climax several times before allowing the orgasm. 

In this session you will be teased to the edge....  using a selection of light and specific pressure strokes, taps, strokes, and fingertip touch on the outer and inner vagina, labia, clitoris and g-spot.

A delicious way to relieve stress and sexual tension and ideal for Ladies that just need a quick and discreet release.


There is no body massage involved, just a sole focus on the genitals.

This massage may involve moving you into various positions such as face down, all fours, face up and spread eagled so you must be fit and flexible enough to allow me to take control.

Full sexual arousal is included and you are teased and edged several times before being allowed to orgasm. 

If you wish, you can orgasm more than once.

30 mins - £30

45 mins - £45

60 mins - £55


Additional time over 1 hour  is chargeable. 

 If you want a longer or a more bespoke session, please WhatsApp me to discuss.

Please do let me know if you climax quickly or it takes you longer than normal to climax so I can adjust the techniques used.

It is useful to let me know how you normally climax whether that be clitoral or penetrative so that I can adjust the techniques I use. 

Squirting is absolutely fine and happens all the time so please don't be embarrassed.

This experience isn't for the shy or inhibited. You must be prepared to enjoy yourself, throw caution to the wind and abandon your control. 

You will be naked and exposed from the outset.

A blindfold can be worn if you wish. 


Due to the extremely intimate nature of this experience, it is only available to clients under the age of 65 weighing less than 17 stones in good physical shape.

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