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  The EDGE  for Men                      Focussed edging massage on the genitals / ass only.



Edging in its simplest form is focussed massage of the Penis to almost the point of climax several times before allowing the orgasm. 

In this session you will be teased to the edge....  using a selection of light and specific pressure strokes, taps, gentle twists, tugs and fingertip touch.

Prostate massage is included in the 45 min version but please request this when you book or before we start.

A delicious way to relieve stress and sexual tension.


There is no body massage involved, just a sole focus on the genitals.

Prostate massage is included in the 45 min or 60 min version only.

This massage may involve moving you into various positions such as face down, all fours, face up and spread eagled so you must be fit and flexible enough to allow me to take control.

On all fours you have the option of Miking also which involves simultaneous prostate stimulation and cock massage.

Just ask if you want me to do this.

Full sexual arousal is included and you are teased and edged several times before being allowed to orgasm. 

If you wish, you can orgasm more than once but tell me before we start.

30 mins - £30

45 mins - £45

60 mins - £55


Additional time over 1 hour  is chargeable. If you want a longer more bespoke session, please WhatsApp me to discuss.

Please do let me know if you suffer from premature ejaculation or it takes you longer than normal to climax so I can adjust the techniques used.

This experience isn't for the shy or inhibited. You must be prepared to enjoy yourself, throw caution to the wind and abandon your control. 

A blindfold can be worn if you wish. 


Due to the extremely intimate nature of this experience, it is only available to clients under the age of 65 weighing less than 17 stones in good physical shape and with no erectile dysfunction issues.

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