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Couples 90 min (Gold) Sensual Massage                  
Watch  1 x 90 minutes                  £100
Duo 2 x 90 minutes                      £185


Watch - A massage where just one of you is massaged with the other watching

Duo - A massage for both of you. Sit and watch your partner enjoy their massage then switch places. 


You have the option of just one of you, or both of you enjoying a massage, Taking it in turns to just watch or join in and learning some massage strokes.Sharing this kind of experience with your partner can be exciting, liberating and bring a new dimension to your sex life.

The Gold sensual naturist massage is the ultimate arousing experience.


90 minutes of focussed attention on your whole body, building to a crescendo of orgasmic bliss.

The room will be warm and dimly lit to allow you to relax. The couch draped in fresh linen and freshly laundered towels available for your comfort.

Hot oil will be applied to your whole body and we begin with a medium pressure back massage. 

Very quickly you will start to relax, as you become accustomed to the masseurs touch.

Designed to slowly relax and arouse, the Gold massage is based on thousands of hours of treatments, blending different styles from across the world.

Naked, decadent and perhaps a little naughty, allowing a male massage therapist to massage and excite your most intimate areas and erogenous zones is a liberating experience that people return to time after time. 

The whole experience will leave you refreshed, invigorated and blissfully relaxed.


I am a trained and professional Sensual Tantric masseur. You will be in safe, experienced hands and at any point you can ask me to stop if you feel at all uncomfortable. 


Mutual touch can be fun. Some people like to reach out and stroke or touch me during the massage. This is absolutely fine as this can heighten the eroticism, but any contact between us is hands only. I don't offer sex. 


My massage room is a safe, private, discreet and respectful space where you will be welcomed and treated to a beautiful experience. 


First time nerves are quite normal and I will allow ample time for discussion, the massage experience and redressing. You won't be rushed and your wishes and boundaries will be fully respected. 

If you are looking for more, then please see the Tantric Ignite option

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