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Non-sensual massage                                       60 minutes               £55

Non sensual massage is available for those of you seeking a massage that is draped or semi clothed.  


What I offer is a targeted or full body massage based on a Swedish Style.

Swedish Massage is designed to relax the muscles, remove any 'knots' or muscle stiffness and improve blood flow.

Using a soft, medium or firm pressure, massage increases blood flow and aids lymphatic drainage, the body's natural mechanism for removing toxins from the blood stream.

So whether it is just a leg massage, back massage or a full body treatment you need, please contact me to discuss as all massages are tailored to your needs.


Privacy & discretion are guaranteed and you will be warmly welcomed.


Due to the nature of this massage it is not suitable for those with a BMI of 30 or above or anyone weighing more than 17 stones / 108kg.

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