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Weekender Swedish / Sensual  combination massage              60 minutes               £55

The Weekender is performed by a Guest Masseur who is covering some weekend days when I am unavailable due to holidays and time off.

If you wish to book this one, please go to Book a Massage / Weekender to see available dates and times.

If you wish to book a massage with NakedSpirit, please choose one of the other services.

The Weekender is based on a Firm Swedish therapeutic body massage but crosses the intimacy line and involves intentional, sensual arousal.

Having a sensual naked massage is a liberating experience.


Swedish Massage is firm yet enjoyable and designed to release knots and tensions in the muscles.

Using the hands, arms and fingertips, the techniques used are firm, invigorating, stimulating and effective.

The whole body is massaged and this moves to a sensual finish if required.

All you need to do is relax, lie back, allow your daily life to take a back seat and let the masseurs hands relax and revive you.


Both client & Masseur are both naked as this helps remove physical barriers and makes us equal. However, I am happy to remain clothed on request.


This massage will allow you to experience safe, physical pleasure as a passive participant without any need to reciprocate.


Many clients who book this massage are first timers or nervous / sexually curious and often have questions beforehand.


Privacy & discretion are guaranteed and you will be warmly welcomed.


Due to the nature of this massage it is not suitable for those with a BMI of 30 or above or anyone weighing more than 17 stones / 108kg.

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