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Couples 60 min (Bronze) Sensual Massage                             
Watch 60 minutes               £75
Duo 2 x 60 mins                 £125


Watch - A massage where just one of you is massaged with the other watching


Duo - A massage for both of you. Sit and watch your partner massaged then switch places. 


You have the option of just one of you, or both of you enjoying a massage, Taking it in turns to just watch or join in and learning some massage strokes.

Sharing this kind of experience with your partner can be exciting, liberating and bring a new dimension to your sex life.

The Bronze is based on a therapeutic body massage but crosses the intimacy line and involves intentional, slow arousal of the body.

To be fully massaged to orgasm is an amazing experience and leaves you feeling fully de-stressed and relaxed.


Having a sensual naked massage is a liberating experience.


Sensual massage is all about lingering touch.

Using the hands, arms and fingertips, the techniques used are gentle, stimulating and effective.

The whole body is slowly masssaged and this includes genitals, chest and bum and the intention is to fully relax both mind and body so that the only sense you are aware of is touch.


Once the body is relaxed, I slowly awaken the erogenous zones and build the arousal in a progressive, intentional way. 

Building to a crescendo of sensations as your arousal peaks.


Ideal for guys who are curious about male touch or have had never had a man touch them intimately before, or ladies who are craving some sensual touch without any reciprocation or expectations.

All you need to do is relax, lie back, allow your daily life to take a back seat and let the masseurs hands create magic.


Both client & Masseur are both naked as this helps remove physical barriers and makes us equal. However, I am happy to remain clothed on request.


This massage will allow you to experience safe, physical pleasure as a passive participant without any need to reciprocate.


Many clients who book this massage are first timers or nervous / sexually curious and often have questions beforehand.


Privacy & discretion are guaranteed and you will be warmly welcomed.


Due to the nature of this massage it is not suitable for those with a BMI of 30 or above or anyone weighing more than 17 stones / 108kg.

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