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Reverse massage     

I am often asked if I enjoy being massaged or if I would allow someone to massage me.

The answer is of course! Who doesn't enjoy sensual touch?

I charge £10 per 20 minutes for this as the additional time is added onto your own appointment.

If you wish to just book a reverse massage as giver only, then I charge £50 for the hour.

When this is incorporated into your own massage I usually slot it into the middle of your own massage.


Once I have massaged your back, we swap over and I become the receiver. Once you have enjoyed your time as giver, then we continue with me massaging your front.

You are welcome to touch me in any way with your hands & I may or may not orgasm.

 As with all my treatments, the boundaries are the same.  Contact must be hands only. I am not a sexual escort.

Please advise when booking if you wish to incorporate Reverse massage.

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